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    Therapie Lab

    Nourish, Flourish, Transform

    Center for Expression, Art Therapy and Yoga

    Meet Yoga im Lab

    Welcome to Yoga Im Lab!  Ann (Gianroop) and Michael (Dharampal) warmly invite you to take Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes with us.

    Ann has been teaching since 2010 in New York City and Zurich. She is a Member of The International Association of Yoga Therapists and has done extensive studies with Guru Dharam. She believes in authenitc expression and practices and meets the students where they are with empathy and humor. Her positive nature and radiance suffuse her teaching style. Ann conducts classes in English.

    Michael's focus is on the practical implementation of the exercises and their integration into everyday life. He also takes into account the fitness of the individual and any physical, mental or emotional challenges. Michael also works in clinical settings as an art therapist, helping people reclaiming their creativty as well as better understanding themselves emotionally.

    No prior experience is required for yoga classes, all levels of experience are welcome. Chairs and props are available to alternate seating positions if desired.

    Unser Angebot

    Art therapy. Profound self-expression. Discover the power of symbols and aesthetics to convey your feelings and thoughts.

    Retreat near the city

     Visit us in the "urban oasis" of Gockhausen within the Zurich city forest of Adlisberg. Restore, relax, refresh, renew with private sessions and group classes. Come for sessions, tea and a walk in the forest.


    Kundalini yoga and mediation. No previous knowledge required.  Register for the class here.

    Mind-Body Experience

    At Therapie Lab we offer a variety of creative modalities to your individual experience.


    Regulralry offering group experiences that reflect your needs during these changing times.


    Upcoming exhibtions on the themes of expression, body centered art therapy and yoga.

    What others say about us

    Our Offerings

    "Michael brings a compassionate presence to his art therapy sessions that enables oneself to be explored in a space free of judgment. I have had the privilege of seeing members of his art group grow both artistically and personally."

    - Hasan Ghazzawi, specialist in psychiatry

    Art Therapy

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    Purpose comes with doing

    Michael Krauer has over 20 years of experience in art therapy. The connection to yoga also gives his clients a fresh perspective and easy access to art therapy.

    A single session lasts 60 minutes, or 90 mintutes with a bit more  time to get into flow and tie things up at the end.

    Michael is a Certified Art Therapist (ED) specializing in Painting and Design Therapy.

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    Seal of approval from the EMR empirical medical register.




    044 527 11 10



    Nussbaumstrasse 8  8044 Gockhausen

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