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Art Therapy

  • strengthens resources 

  • supports growth processes 

  • activates the self-healing powers 

  • promotes  action and social skills

Art therapy offers relaxation from everyday life and time that you have for yourself. By dealing with oneself, self-estee and self-confidence can be strengthened with this form of therapy and one's own needs and abilities can be better recognized, resulting in a resource-activating effect of the therapy form. The main goal of art therapy is to find yourself, to answer the question "Who am I?" and to transform your life around you so that it fits your personality, goals, abilities and desires. Due to this mode of action, art therapy has a strengthening effect on the resilience of personal, social and economic health and promotes personal responsibility and initiative.

For more information, visit the website of the professional association
Mitkunst or the umbrella organization of the Swiss professional associations for therapies with artistic media (Oda Artecura).

Initial contact

The non-binding initial consultation gives you the opportunity to get to know the room, the material (clay, soapstone, watercolors, collage, etc.) as well as me and my working methods. Previous design knowledge is not necessary, technology, knowledge and ability are not in the foreground. It's much more about experiencing a space of new perspectives and making it tangible.

First consultation approx. 45 minutes Fr. 90.-

Painting and creative therapy individual support / pair support:

60 minutes Fr. 140.- incl. material
90 minutes Fr. 210.- incl. material
Entry possible at any time

Art therapy is recognized in Switzerland by the supplementary insurance of most health insurance companies. Check with your insurer to see if art therapy WILL be reimbursed as such.

Contact: 044 527 11 10 or

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