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The background of Therapie Lab

Therapie Lab is located in the former artist studio Sallenbach, Gockhausen.

KS am weissen Marmor.jpg

Katharina Sallenbach (1920 to 2013) was a Zurich sculptor. In addition to her artistic work, she practiced yoga every day. She took hatha yoga lessons from the Indian master Selvarajan Yesudian (1916 to 1998), who founded the first yoga school in Switzerland.

What is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a style of yoga that includes chanting, breathwork, and repetitive yoga postures. Kundalini is the  life source energy. It is the foundation of our creative power, spiritual gifts and divine feminine energy.

Why Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini Yoga shows positive results in anxiety disorders in scientific studies. The direct relation to the body enables relaxation as well as strengthening the nervous system. This has a direct positive effect on overall well-being. Here are links to the studies: reducing anxiety, stress reduction and Improvement in cognitive functions.

Why Kundalini Yoga and Art Therapy

Artistic expression helps one to find meaning and insight. The non-verbal process helps to form an inner picture of what is going on inside you. The joy of creating comes with the making and discovering of new resources. Kundalini Yoga helps to slow down the flow of thoughts and strenghten the nervous system. The positive belief in oneself can be specifically supported with mediation and applied into daily life. Personal changes are more challanging than one assumes and can help where you get stuck. In Kundalini Yoga, we say "keep up," to motivate oneself when being challenged both on and off the yoga mat. The goal is to face the challenge, and in that way, keep moving a finger, toe, or breathing to break the pattern of giving up. Over time, both physical stamina and willpower develop to support you in any kind of challenge.

In art therapy, the capacity to believe in yourself is transformed into Resource-Images. Resources can be various sources of power and strength to help you in a similar way face adversity.

Photos and newspaper articles from the origins

Click on the images to view the gallery

Artist Center Gockhausen: A project from the 50s
and 1960s

"A studio in the great outdoors, that's an old dream,
which is to be realized here"

-ert- NZZ 23.12.1958

Künstlersiedlung NZZ 6.10.1963.jpg

NZZ 6.10.1963

NZZ 23.12.1958

NZZ 6.10.1963

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